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    January 20, 2009


    We miss you NJ!

    Thanks for being brave and honest. Vancouver's gain is our loss.

    Oh wow. I read some of your entry out loud to Marty and our eyes BUGGED. But your take on the situation is awesome, and you're right about everything you said. This:

    ...and what better chance to figure it out on my own then when my plans are completely wiped out and I’m left with an entirely blank canvas.

    This was a large part of my motivation for moving to Austin originally, and definitely part of the allure for me in pursuing Seth's !MBA. Since being cut loose on the world I've had to think very hard about increasing my already strident perspective on "risk". I've done plenty of "crazy" things so far; if NY, why not something else a little scarier? ;}

    I'm looking forward to seeing you in Triiibes and in the !!MBA Ning group and I hope to get to chat with you more as time goes on. Meeting you in NY was FANTASTICALLY AWESOME and you're one of the people I refuse to lose track of.

    Sending good vibes from here. Keep going!


    I hope you'll definitely get a chance to come and visit us. Maybe we can find an excuse to visit Vancouver.

    I wish you could be here, but I know you'll make the most of 2009. Good luck.

    NJ, Paul pointed me to this, and your honesty is refreshing. It has to be disappointing but you have a great perspective on the whole thing.


    Sad to hear you aren't getting to go, but I wont lie and say that i am not glad that you will be sticking around in Van!

    Look forward to hearing what is next on your plate!

    Cheers, hopefully see you soon!! Come visit us downtowners, we don't like crossing bridges. :)




    Your perspective on this unfortunate situation is amazingly positive and mature and definitely something we can all learn from. I feel lucky to have met you and I am looking forward to visiting Vancouver, now that I know I have a smart, funny, engaging tour guide. Keep in touch.

    Oh wow! I was worried that this would happen and I'm sorry to hear that you had to be the "test subject" for my fear! But I'm glad you're taking this in stride. Good luck with what you do - you'll be fine if you can survive US immigration!!

    Hi all, thanks for your amazing words! I couldn't have gone through this process without people like you in my life.

    @Tiara - I needed to give it a shot and I have absolutely no regrets about the process. It was a risk, but one that we'll all learn from for next time! And hopefully we'll have more time and all the right documents together to get one of us across that border next time! Here's hoping at least... :)

    Wow, NJ. This is big news.

    "the real honest reason I applied for the program was that I wanted an excuse to drop everything and figure it out on my own."

    I think that this would have to be true for all of us that applied.....wouldn't it? Why else would we have been willing to give up our jobs, be away from our families, etc...if not because we needed an excuse to start over? It certainly was one of my biggest reasons.

    I wish you all the best in "painting" your blank canvas.

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