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    April 14, 2009


    Another wonderful post. Speaking of delicious food, new discovery! - MARKET by Jean-George. Soo good and a beautiful balcony if you get the chance!

    THANK YOU DIONNE! And I'm absolutely dying to go to MARKET. Can you say martinis in the summer sun?!

    And another great semi-related post from Robin Sharma:

    "Fight the distractions that challenge your waking hours. Have a Ferocious Focus on The Vital Few. Spend your days only on important things. Leadership is about being focused on doing great things. Everything else is a waste of time. Yes, wasting time can feel fun. But in the end, nothing's less fun than feeling the regret of a career or a life poorly lived."

    On finding your amazing work (aka your rush!):

    "Amazing work can be any kind of work, if it’s fulfilling your potential, if it fulfills you. Just a few examples of Amazing work: creating something new, building something awesome, helping others, inspiring others, teaching others, healing others, setting in motion something that will make the world a better place, making something beautiful, creating something useful, moving the hearts of others."

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